The Fifth Coin

Like Dan Brown’s The DaVinci CodeThe Fifth Coin probes the historical events which shaped early Christianity.  A harsh light is shined on Medieval Popes who lived lavish lives, commanded armies and were certainly not celibate.  The Catholic Church has been a political institution from the very beginning. 

It was far more involved in earthly kingships than heavenly Kingdoms.  Power and greed ruled Catholicism  from its inception at the direction of the Roman Emperor, Constantine, through modern times.  The Fifth Coin poses the question . . . What IF we have been lied to about the life and times of Jesus?  What IF Christian doctrine and the Bible have been edited to reflect viewpoints expedient to the politicians of the day?  


A new breed of investment bankers appeared on the Las Vegas scene with plenty of money to risk backing corporations anxious to expand their playgrounds in the city that never sleeps, but no one ever investigated where these renegade banks suddenly got all that money.  Casinos are not the only arena in Nevada where there’s big money to be made. 

     Nuclear waste is the ugly byproduct of an ever-increasing appetite for power demanded by the American public.  No state wants a dump site which would be radioactive for a billion years in their back yard.  The barren wastelands of Nevada, populated by coyotes, jackrabbits and snakes seems like the perfect place to create a vault bored deep into the mountains standing guard over uninhabited alkali flats.  The trucking company that delivers the volatile nuclear cocktail will make millions hauling the devastating dilemma created by government stupidity and human greed.

The Magic Wand

The Supreme Wizard of Golfinsphere charged Gwen (short for Gwendolin) with an important responsibility. She is to seek out the wretched, find the miserable, locate the lonely and depressed, and convince them they can enjoy a better way of life. Unfortunately, it was not a bit unusual for a fairy godmother to spend years perfecting her craft. Every fairy godmother worth her magic wand wanted to move up the executive ladder to the next rung–guardian angel.

Gwen was attracted to the glow of a lot of lights as she hovered around the planet looking for a place to fulfill her contract with the Supreme Wizard. Looking around, via the miracle of a hand-held, no bigger than a modern day, pocket-sized cellular flip-phone, this magic device could peer into the private lives of human beings. Gwen came to the immediate conclusion casinos were cesspools of human misery. Las Vegas was the perfect place to earn a coveted Angelship.

Stories based on historical figures and Las Vegas influential characters

Forty years of working in a casino provided me with enough material for a dozen novels.  The characters in Glitter and The Magic Wand are composites of personality traits for the many people I worked with over the years.  From eager young business graduates who were taught to worship at the alter of corporate profits to the exclusion of both customers and employees, to a later version of cheap hoodlums, who drove profitable enterprises into the ground.  I worked with charmers, scoundrels and casino hosts whose biggest customers were mob bosses.  Back then, we only knew these guys as black check players and were taught to treat them with deference and respect.  Then there were the hundreds of loyal, dedicated employees who worked together seamlessly to create the Las Vegas experience for all customers.  We loved our properties and worked tirelessly to make them profitable.

 The arch villain in The Fifth Coin is a Jesuit priest named Andrew Simson.  His personality is drawn from the black-hearted hedge fund managers who managed to destroy most of the things that made Las Vegas famous.  People returned again and again because employees made them feel special, congratulated their wins at slot machines and table games . . . and made them forget for one shining moment they were just another commoner in their own hometown.

About the author.

Over the span of several decades, I worked for most of the major power players in the business.  In the early days, there was not much demand for anyone who knew anything about “psychological bullshit.”  So, I entered the work force in the casino industry.  Soon I was dealing with mob bosses, union leaders, big name entertainers, and black-check players from all over the world.  Along the way, I worked for some of Las Vegas’ most powerful characters – wise guys whose moral compass matched that of an alley cat.

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