A new breed of investment bankers appeared on the Las Vegas scene with plenty of money to risk backing corporations anxious to expand their playgrounds in the city that never sleeps, but no one ever investigated where these renegade banks suddenly got all the money. Casinos aren’t the only arena in Nevada where there’s big money to be made. Nuclear waste is the ugly by-product of an increasing appetite for power demanded by the American public. No state wants a dump site, which is radioactive for a billion years, in their back yard. The barren wastelands of Nevada, populated by coyotes, jackrabbits and snakes seems like the perfect place to create a vault bored deep into the mountains standing guard over uninhabited alkali flats. The trucking company that delivers the volatile nuclear cocktail will make millions hauling the devastating dilemma created by government stupidity and human greed.  (Read More Click Here)


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