If you think the mob is out of Las Vegas, think again.  Old mobsters sent their kids to college and a new mob took over in the form of predatory banksters and hedge fund managers.  This new breed of hooligans made Bugsy Seigel, Meyer Landsky, Lucky Luciano, Joseph Aiuppa, Nic Civilla, Gus Greenbaum and Tony Spilatro look like choir boys.

There’s just too much money to walk away and let enterprising casinos have it all.  The power base shifted to take heat off mob bosses in 80s.  If everything goes according to plan, the entire State of Nevada will soon be divided up between the families anyway—with the skim tucked away in mob owned hedge funds, a villainous stock market and tax free off-shore bank accounts.

A new set of jackals appeared on the Vegas scene with plenty of money to risk backing casinos anxious to expand their playgrounds—but state officials turned a blind eye to where all the money originated.

Casinos aren’t the only arena in Nevada where there’s big money to be made.  Nuclear waste is the ugly by-product of an increasing appetite for power in America.  No other states want a dump site, which is radioactive for a billion years, in their backyard. The trucking company who delivers such a volatile nuclear cocktail will make millions hauling a devastating dilemma created by government stupidity and human greed.

The barren wastelands of Nevada, populated by coyotes, jackrabbits and snakes seemed like a perfect place to create a vault bored deep into mountains standing guard over uninhabited alkali flats.

When a grisly fire in a suite at Caesar’s Palace claims the life of the most beautiful showgirl in Las Vegas, Detective Danny Armstrong is assigned to the case.  Citizen outrage is at an all-time high because the showgirl was a media darling.  An ambassador for tourism, Glitter traveled the world with the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority to promote the gaudy capital of the world.

Every clue leads down one blind alley after another.  In desperation, Danny turns to the psychic used by every detective at Metro—his mother, Catherine Armstrong.  The gifted visionary senses one man sits like a spider at the center of a convoluted web of death and destruction.  She warns Danny a plague, like no other in history, is about to be unleashed on Nevada.  Catherine feels Glitter was murdered for her part in a frightening vision.

Casino bosses, politicians, high-ranking military officer with ties to Area 51, and military contractors become sign posts linking the murdered showgirl to New Jersey mob boss, Jake Russo.  A simple twist of fate, provided by Catherine Armstrong’s psychic powers, uncovers a secret connection to Russo and the owner of a major strip casino, Jordan Gray.  Once the foundation of lies and deceit are exposed, Danny soon discovers the mob never really left Las Vegas.  Like a virus, it mutated and changed form to continue living off its lucrative host.

Prompted by voices from a void which defies human logic, Catherine is guided to the one person who has critical information.  This woman is about to be murdered by Russo’s henchmen before she can ignite the powder keg which will destroy his operation, along with key figures in the casino industry, military and existing political power structure.

Kristin Hastings, sister of the senior Senator from Nevada, and COO for a string of family casinos scattered across the northern part of the state, is Jake Russo’s long-time lover.  Russo planned to use Glitter to infiltrate the highest levels of power and report back to him.  He never counted on her falling in love with the God-forsaken Mojave Desert.

In a high-tech plot worthy of a Mission Impossible movie, Danny, Catherine and Kristen lay plans to bring down the mob king-pin and his lackeys.  From the safety of Kristen’s gaming resort in Ely a geo-stationary satellite, privately launched to keep a watchful eye on the military industrial complex at area 51, is electronically high-jacked by Danny’s computer genius roommate.

A lone reporter stands on a high and windy plateau overlooking a vast expanse of desert.  Preempting all network and cable programming, he details the mob’s involvement with political, military and casino industry leaders.  Citing names, dates and places. None will escape the ruthless use of vigilante justice in the last frontier in America—Nevada.

With a cast of characters as colorful as the lights on the Las Vegas Strip, Glitter, reflects life in a town like no other, run by an industry like no other.  Gambling and vast amounts of money dominate the people who call Las Vegas home.  From boozy cocktail waitresses to the computer gurus responsible for the technology which now controls casinos, the tale told in Glitter focuses on the most ancient and vile characteristic of our species . . . human greed.

A lot has been written about Las Vegas’ early days—but few shed a spotlight on modern-day casino corporations with ties to the mob.  They’ve cleverly disguised management teams as upright citizens, distinguished young MBAs, and hired politicians bought and paid for with campaign contributions as dark and tainted as nuclear waste.

The mob.  Las Vegas casinos.  Showgirls.  Murder.  All elements combine to make an exceptional read.  Add to the mix Area 51, Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Depository, corrupt politicians willing to poison Nevada’s aquifer, expose its residents to atomic fall out, and store nuclear warheads ten miles from down town Las Vegas—and you have the explosive mixture for an exciting murder mystery.

What makes this tale even more horrifying is the story elements are real, they exist within a sixty-five mile radius of Las Vegas.  Believe no one, trust no one, because nothing in Nevada is what it seems.

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