The Fifth Coin

At a dig in the mountains above the Dead Sea, an archaeologist uncovers a sliver coin and a scroll foretelling the destiny of a “woman called Amariah, come from out of the past.” The ancient leather reveals five coins will identify a woman, who will change the course of history. The coin and scrap of leather are rushed to the Vatican.

The Pope lies dying and the new Father General of the Jesuit Order, Andrew Simson, has usurped his power and authority. Like many early popes, Simson plans to unite the world beneath the banner of Catholicism. A group of fanatic Jesuits act as advisors to political contenders eager to destroy existing forms of government. Global intrigue escalates as the cadre of Jesuits pit the IRA against the British in Ireland; whisks a black political activist from the South African jail in which he has been imprisoned for twenty years; plot economic warfare as they route goods to product-hungry Chinese; ship tons of grain to Russia in exchange for the opening of Catholic churches; and create a homeland for Palestinian refugees in Israel.      (Continue Reading Click Here)

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