The Fifth Coin

The world is in turmoil.  Governments around the globe become increasingly corrupt, rewarding those in power with money and status while leaving the poor starving and homeless.  Desperation seems to run rampant in every country.  Onto this troubled political stage, the new Jesuit Father General, Andrew Simson, climbed the ecumenical ladder of the Vatican to usurp the authority of the Pope, who is dying of cancer.

Simson, labeled the “Black Pope” by many, brings together a fanatical cadre of fanatic Jesuit priests.  He will use these true believers to act as advisors to reactionary contenders eager to destroy existing forms of government and establish a New World Order beneath the banner of Catholicism.

Chaos escalates as Jesuits pit the IRA against the British in Ireland; whisk a black political activist from the South African jail in which he has been imprisoned for 20 years; plot economic warfare as they route goods to product-hungry Chinese; ship tons of grain to Russia in exchange for opening Catholic churches; and create a homeland for Palestinian refugees in Israel.

Documents discovered in the Secret Vatican Archive reveal early popes hid sculpture, paintings, and early church manuscripts in the grave sites of early Christians, which honeycomb the hill beneath the Vatican.  In a bid to influence public opinion, Simson begins construction on a new museum to house the treasures he’s certain the catacombs contain.  The Father General gathers historians, researchers, art restoration experts and linguistic scholars to authenticate art works and translate documents hidden for centuries.

Tension mounts as the Jesuits topple governments on every continent.  A master of manipulation, Simson uses the press to further his political aspirations.  He is hailed as the new Messiah, come to save mankind from the ravages of governments and corporations who’ve traded their moral compass for unregulated greed.

A Benedictine nun, fluent in ancient languages, is discovered teaching in a small convent school.  An unlikely protagonist, the nun soon finds the Jesuit New World Order is founded on centuries old lies and modern deception.  In an epic battle of moral will power, Simson and the nun square off in an epic struggle which will ultimately determine the fate of millions.