A Senator from Wyoming, Jon Barraso, is leading the charge to relicense Yucca Mountain as the nuclear repository for the entire country.  There are thousands of acres of barren land in Wyoming.  I would like Senator Barraso to explain to all Nevadans why Wyoming is not the top candidate for a nuclear repository?

There are 98 nuclear plants across America.  However, Nevada does not have a nuclear plant and our state does not create any nuclear waste.  It seems to me every state should be responsible for storing its own radioactive by-product.  Nevada citizens should not be put in harm’s way by having radioactive material shipped via rail and Interstate 11 to Yucca Mountain.

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Senator Cortez Masto confirmed radioactive material will be traveling from everywhere in the country THROUGH LAS VEGAS to reach Yucca Mountain in the CBS News video (link attached).  Why?  Because there are no other transportation corridors which reach Yucca Mountain.  Senator Cortez Masto also said it will take 2 shipments A DAY for 50 years to take the 88,000 tons of nuclear waste currently being stored in other states.

I urge you to watch this video.  The CBS reporter also questioned the imminent danger of 88,000 tons of nuclear waste entering the largest fresh-water aquifer in the United States, a topic I’ve written about in prior blogs. https://www.cbsnews.com/video/inside-the-19b-hole-at-the-center-of-a-nuclear-waste-controversy/

An excerpt from this month’s newsletter, http://www.yuccamountain.org. June 10, 2019 — A rare tour of the tunnel that is ground zero for a nuclear waste controversy — About 100 miles outside Las Vegas, deep in a remote patch of desert, is a $19 billion hole in the ground. That’s how much it has cost to fight over and build a five-mile test tunnel under Yucca Mountain.

Nevada is not a place to dump radioactive waste.  Nevada is one of the few pristine wildernesses left in America.  Our natural resources have been gouged out of our earth, an aquifer which could supply the water needs for the entire desert south west has been deliberately polluted by atomic bomb detonations “just to see what would happen”, and the government would happily expose all of us to death by cancer.

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If you have been following the condition of the Pacific Ocean because the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan continues to dump millions of gallons of radioactive water into the ocean, you know there are areas in which scientists say no marine life can be found.  In other words, some of the Pacific Ocean is dead.

Pacific Ocean radiation levels