Chata, is the ancient Hebrew word for sin.  Literally, it means “to miss the mark.”

Metaneo, Aramaic is the language Jesus spoke, and it is the word for repent.  The literal meaning is “to turn your mind around.”

The true meaning of these words takes all the fear, hell-fire and damnation out of Christianity.  If you throw a rock and miss the target, pick up another rock and try again.

If you turn your mind around, you are thinking differently about actions, behaviors, grudges against other people.  If you begin to think from the viewpoint of forgiveness and love, your world will change.

Once the fear is taken out of Christianity, organized religion loses control.  And loss of control is what churches fear most, because they can’t guilt you into paying a price to get into heaven.  That’s how Medieval priests generated income and an “indulgence” is what infuriated Martin Luther so much, he took on the Catholic Church–an unheard of feat of courage.

The Fifth Coin is a story, but it contains historical facts about how the meaning of Christianity took such a wrong turn at the hands of men bent on political and economic control of the Mediterranean world.  If two simple words can change the Christian philosophy–think what might have happened when entire books were eliminated from the Bible.  Suspend belief and reconsider what you’ve been taught to believe.


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