the Magic Wand

The Supreme Wizard of Golfinsphere charged Gwen (short for Gwendolin) with an important responsibility. She is to seek out the wretched, find the miserable, locate the lonely and depressed, and convince them they can enjoy a better way of life. Unfortunately, it was not a bit unusual for a fairy godmother to spend years perfecting her craft. Every fairy godmother worth her magic wand wanted to move up the executive ladder to the next rung–guardian angel.

Gwen was attracted to the glow of a lot of lights as she hovered around the planet looking for a place to fulfill her contract with the Supreme Wizard. Looking around, via the miracle of a hand-held, no bigger than a modern day, pocket-sized cellular flip-phone, this magic device could peer into the private lives of human beings. Gwen came to the immediate conclusion casinos were cesspools of human misery. Las Vegas was the perfect place to earn a coveted Angelship.

About The Book


A professor from whom I was taking a screen writing class became interested in my writing.  He had a friend who owned a small publishing house.  This publisher’s number one best seller was a fable entitled “A Knight In Rusty Armor”.   He asked me to try my hand at writing a fable, which he planned to present to his friend.  Unfortunately, his friend passed away before I finished the story.

I purchased a copy of “A Knight In Rusty Armor”, re-read Aesop’s fables and The Other Wiseman.  Once I got my head wrapped around the format, I fell back on conventional wisdom of writing about what you know.  So, I settled on a Las Vegas casino as the backdrop for the story.

Once the setting was established, I focused on character development.  I wanted to combine principles from the human potential movement, which concentrates on teaching people to think differently with the result of living a better life.

A casino is a petri dish, which either brings out the best or worst in people.  I concentrated on characters with specific personality traits.  My hope is for readers to relate to these people because they either recognize these qualities in themselves or know people who suffer the same conditions as the characters in the story.

To me, a fable provided the perfect genre to introduce a fairy godmother with a magic wand.  Her struggle to change the mindset and condition of casino employees was met with frustration, rejection and outright hostility.  With a positive attitude and unfailing good humor, the fairy godmother never gives up hope as she nudges and cajoles her fellow employees to change their perspective, which will, in turn, change their lives.

The Magic Wand is a simple little story with a simple moral, which is the basis of all fables.  It is strictly a work of fiction, but the problems faced by these casino employees are endured by millions in all walks of life.

I invite you to read this casino fairy tale and examine your own life for patterns of negativity holding you back from living a rich, full life.

“At the heart of most psychological problems is a lack of self-esteem. This lack is caused by three conditions: inferiority, anxiety, and guilt. The Magic Wand is a fable about three girls and two guys, who suffered from one of these conditions. Like most fables, this story contains a magical element–a fairy godmother and, of course, her magic wand.”

What’s inside


Fantasy Fiction


Lack of self-esteem


Las Vegas casinos


Fairy Godmother


Human potential


Notorious Pit Bosses

Chapter 1

Determined to make things better in the casino, Gwen made an appointment with the vice president in charge of human resources.  “Mr. Edwards, I’d like to volunteer to write a column for the property newsletter.”

            Mr. Edwards peered down a nose a bit too long for the rest of his face.  “Why would you want to do that?”

“Well,” Gwen was beginning to feel defensive, “I’d like to inspire people who work here to live up to their full potential.”

“And you don’t think employees at our casino are doing that right now?”

            “Oh, no, Mr. Edwards.  Most of the people I know don’t even like their jobs,” Gwen said in all sincerity.

            The vice president of human resources went pale.  He was extremely proud of programs he put in place to benefit his workers—like decorating the employee dining room for holidays with crepe paper and cardboard symbols representing different holidays.  Why, the EDR (an acronym for employee dining room) was bright and cheery now.  And what about the healthy living salad bar—and the food was free.  Who did this impertinent young woman think she was?  Why, he even arranged for punch and cookies to be served at the blood drive!  He was sure if he thought a moment longer, he would be able to come up with a whole list of other benefits he instituted to satisfy the ungrateful horde of dealers and maids–some of whom did not even speak English!  These important benefits were what made working at the Swami Hotel and Casino so terrific.  “And just what makes you think you’re qualified for such a task?  After all,” the VP of HR glared down the length of his nose at Gwen, “you’re just a cashier!”

            “I know . . . but I’ve read a lot of books,” Gwen offered.

            “Miss, uh, Miss…” he glanced at the file on his desk, “Miss Angel, my what an odd name, why don’t you go back to your workstation and make sure your weekly drawer report is finished on time.  That’s what you’re getting paid to do!”

            Disheartened, Gwen realized after her conversation with the exasperated VP most people were unhappy with their jobs because they were boxed in on all sides by job descriptions written by corporate VPs of HR, who needed the word “human” taken out of their title because they had lost touch with people a long time ago!

            Back at her register, shuffling comp slips and receipts from one pile to another, Gwen looked around at other employees in her department.  Most were young, because the wage scale was too low for experienced adults responsible for children, car payments, mortgages, utilities, and food–but there was a sprinkling of gray hair here and there.  As she studied heads lowered over next week’s schedule and the glassy eyes of the day shift bar manager affixed to his hypnotic computer screen, Gwen realized all sense of hope was leached from their faces.  Frustration with corporate procedures and boredom with an endless series of unfulfilling tasks was the common denominator in every expression.

            Just then, the PPM began to glow.  The Supreme Wizard wanted to talk to her!  A rush of excitement came over Gwen.  Maybe if she let one of the more unfortunate employees in the coffee shop know she had direct contact with the Supreme Wizard, who with a single word of advice could change the course of human events once and for all, perhaps she would be able to accomplish her mission.  The glow was growing intense–the Wizard wanted to speak to her right-away! 

            “Who should I bring in contact with the Wizard?  Who needs his help the most?” she wondered, half to herself and half to the likeness emblazoned on the small digital screen.

            Her gaze landed on Betty Anderson.  She was a big woman with red hair far too bright to be a product of genetics.  In her middle ’50s and overweight by twenty pounds, Betty acted like she’d spent her life eating sour apples.  Using her weight and age as a shield, Betty made sure all her gloomy expectations were met.  Confident, Gwen asked Betty to step into the food prep area which was vacant now that the lunch rush was over.  Withdrawing the hand-held device from her pocket, she expected Betty to be filled with awe at the sight of the Wizard’s wondrous face.  Instead, Gwen got hostility. 

            “I don’t want one.  I can’t afford it anyway.  My car needs brakes and the taxes on my condo just went up.  And this place–well, the three percent raise I got for busting my rear out there–will not cover the rate hike the electric company pushed through the state legislature.  Then there’s gas prices which are sky high courtesy of the President of these United States!  I got no money for toys.  I’ bet your silly thing isn’t even programmed for video poker!  What am I going to do with it anyway?  Watch the soaps at my station?  Sure, just my luck the VP of F&B and that suck-up Director of his would see me standing in one spot, instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off wiping down tables I cleaned a few minutes ago.  My life is a soap opera.  I gotta kid on drugs and a daughter that is hanging out with a biker. 



In the audience room, Gwen stood before the Supreme Wizard, seated on his star-studded throne. He asked her to report on the condition of her five assignments. Gwen described each of their problems and the solution which remedied their human muddle.

About the author.

My first three books were originally written in 1988 and I traveled the traditional road of agents, editors, and publishing houses. I got close, but never grabbed the brass ring.  By then my casino career was all consuming and I put writing aside.  As I look back now, I wonder if I just had to wait until Amazon and Facebook became the influencers they are today.  What I know for sure is the power of the internet.  People found my website from all over the world.  China is my third largest market segment . . . go figure.  And a girl from Twin Falls, Idaho never dreamed of reaching readers in South Africa, India, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

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