The Magic Wand

At the heart of most psychological problems is a lack of self-esteem.  This lack is caused by three conditions:  inferiority, anxiety and guilt.  The Magic Wand is a fable about three girls and two guys, who suffered from this lack.  Like most fables, this story contains a magical element–a fairy godmother and, of course, her magic wand.

The Supreme Wizard of Golfinsphere charged Gwen (short for Gwendolin) with an important responsibility.  She is to seek out the wretched, find the miserable, locate the lonely and depressed, and convince them they can enjoy a better way of life.  Unfortunately, it was not a bit unusual for a fairy godmother to spend years perfecting her craft.  Every fairy godmother worth her magic wand wanted to move up the executive ladder to the next rung–guardian angel!

Gwen was attracted to the glow of a lot of lights as she hovered around the planet looking for a place to fulfill her contract with the Supreme Wizard.  Looking around, via the miracle of a hand-held, no bigger than a modern day, pocket-sized cellular flip-phone, this magic device could peer into the private lives of human beings. Gwen came to the immediate conclusion casinos were cesspools of human misery.  Las Vegas was the perfect place to earn a coveted Angelship!

Things went badly for Gwen for quite some time.  Although she managed to get hired right away, she was transferred out of room reservations within a few weeks.  From there she went to the food and beverage department and was finally moved into accounting, where she had to deal with all sorts of weird people.  Gwen was hurt and confused by her continued rejection from the humans with whom she had to interact.  Then slowly, as she became more familiar with these strange beings, Gwen began to realize people feared a change in the condition about which they complained so much!  While everyone thought they wanted to be rich, beautiful, famous and successful, but  people were so familiar with poverty, wretchedness and despair, they refused to do anything about what kept them in their horrible state–themselves!  In desperation, Gwen put in a call to the Supreme Wizard on her unique access code, 7-1-1.  When he finally called back the Wizard explained Gwen was on her own.  Once a Sprite accepted the position of fairy godmother, it was up to her to find ingenious ways of helping people out of their emotional muddle.

Determined to succeed, Gwen made an appointment with the vice-president in charge of human resources.  She offered to write a column for the employee newsletter that would inspire workers to live up to their full potential.  When he stopped laughing, the VP of HR told her to go back to her job and keep the G/L report up to date because that was what she was getting paid to do.

After the rebuff from the VP, who thought he knew what was best for the working class, Gwen studied the heads bent over computer keyboards.  Frustration, boredom and anger were the common denominator in the expressions of everyone in her department.

Just then, the People Peering Modem (PPM for short) began to glow!  Perhaps if she let an employee know she had direct contact with the Supreme Wizard, Gwen could accomplish her mission and get back to Golfinsphere.

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