Nevada is one of the last unspoiled regions in the United States.  It is still a pristine wilderness and one of the most magnificent areas is the Ruby Mountain Range in the North East portion of the state.  With the change of attitude about preserving wilderness and our National Parks in Washington D.C, our state is now a prime target for exploitation to FRACK for oil and gas reserves.

Risks and Concerns of Fracking

  • Contamination of groundwater (Great Basin Aquifer)
  • Methane pollution.
  • Air pollution impacts.
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • Blowouts due to gas
  • Waste disposal.
  • Large volume water use in water-deficient regions.
  • Fracking-induced earthquakes.

To bring the contamination of groundwater into perspective, the Great Basin Aquifer is the largest fresh water aquifer in US.  It contains more fresh water than the combined Great Lakes.  The Feds have already polluted the southern half of an aquifer which runs under the entire state with radiation from all the underground atomic bomb testing.  In fact, several atomic bombs were detonated directly into the aquifer . . . just to see what would happen!  Now, the northern half of the aquifer is threatened by pollution from toxic chemicals required by fracking.  Earthquakes caused by fracking could cause fissures which might allow these chemicals to leach into Lake Tahoe, one of the most pristine bodies of water on earth.  Nevadans cannot allow this to happen for the benefit of Corporate America.

The following are news articles, along with pictures which show the incredible beauty of this area, to let people know of the potential danger to our state.  Once again, Nevada is under attack by greedy industrialists who intend to plunder our environment for personal profit.

Ruby 2Bissell 14 Frost Monitor Valley

Climate West is an organization dedicated to preserving wilderness and ecologically fragile environments.  The dangers of FRACKING are well known to citizens in Oklahoma, where multiple earthquakes are now daily occurrences.

Ruby 5Bissell 1 Dry Lake Bed

“Over the last year and a half, the Bureau of Land Management has held four lease sales and pushed the Forest Service to consider a lease sale right underneath the Rubies on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. As a result, our federal agencies have put over a million acres in Nevada on the auction block, and most of these leases are within 20 miles of the Rubies.” is another reputable watchdog over wilderness protection.  Nevada citizens need to let their lawmakers know we applaud them for “shooting down” plans to drill in the Ruby Mountains.  Washington policy makers need to know Nevada stakeholders will not stand idly by and let our environment continue to be destroyed.

Ruby 10

“The remote geographic location of these mountains means “The Rubies” do not receive much human traffic.

“The Trump administration plans to lease 54,000 acres of the Ruby Mountains for oil and gas development, according to public records. Lease sales have not yet been scheduled.” – 

Local politicians cited public outcry from conservationists, Native American tribes, and hunters opposing oil/drilling in the area. Senator Julia Ratti, D-Reno stated that committee received over 13,000 public comments about the Forest Service proposal. The overwhelming majority of the responses were negative.”

Test Site bomb cratersTest Site Bleachers

The photo above shows the bomb craters left behind by underground atomic bomb blasts at Frenchman’s Flat, in Area 51.  These close-ups were taken by the Google Earth satellite.  The bleachers show how close engineers, scientists and military personnel were placed to Ground Zero, which is indicated by the barren land in the background.

Pictures below were from various sources like, Trip Advisor, professional and amateur photographers.  They capture the incredible beauty of our state.  We need to support efforts by our elected officials to preserve all Nevada’s wilderness areas from mineral, oil and gas exploration.  More gold, silver, uranium and lithium are gouged from our earth than any other state.  Enough is enough.  Radiation has already polluted our land and water beyond recovery.

Ruby 9Ruby 8

Ruby 7Ruby 5

The men and women who settled this wild, untamed land were a hardy group.  They battled violet weather, native tribes, rugged terrain and  brooked no opposition from special interest groups whose only motive was profit driven by greed.  These early pioneers cared about the land and fought to preserve it for future generations.  Today’s Nevadans also need to stand firm against more government lies all wrapped up in neat “little” packages or more of our wilderness is going to end up as polluted and uninhabitable as Area 51.

Ruby 1early pioneers 7

early pioneers 5early pioneers 3early pioneers 4early pioneers 6

Hopefully, today’s Nevadans will be as strong, committed and undaunted by the same kind of villains threatening our environment as these early settlers who claimed and held on to the West through sheer determination.