Included at the end of this blog are YouTube links containing videos about what is happening in the Pacific. Please take a few minutes to view some of them.

Marine Life Genocide

Reports are flooding in to both Google and YouTube about the effects of radiation in the Pacific from Fukushima.  At least 300 tons of radioactive water are being pumped into the Pacific Ocean every day.  Since the disaster in 2011, 606,000 tons of this radioactive water have been poured into the ocean. A gallon weighs 8 pounds.  From 2012 to the present day, that means 191,625,000 gallons of radio-active elements have been dumped into the pacific.  After five years of intense study, researchers collected staggering amounts of evidence to indicate massive sections of the Pacific Ocean are “dead”.  This means they can find no fish or marine life of any kind, including whales, sharks, tuna, halibut and more, inhabit these waters.

 Canada, Washington, Oregon and California continue to document dead fish piling up on coastal beaches.  Hundreds of dead and deformed star fish washed up on a California beach.  Scientists believe star fish and coral are dying in record numbers too.  Large colonies of seals appear to be starving to death because the food chain has disappeared.  Autopsies show their stomachs filled with rocks because there is nothing in the ocean for them to eat.

Radiation is threatening the food chain in the Pacific, not warmer water temperatures.

Climate change and warming El Nino water temperatures are being blamed by government officials as the reason for sea life mass extinction.  Japan and the United States don’t want to acknowledge the threat massive amounts of radiation poses to humanity in order to control panic.  Personally, between Fukushima and the Nevada Test Site, mass human panic might be what governments need right now.

Recorded radiation levels in the Pacific are now at higher levels than when the United States detonated 23 atomic bombs on the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands from 1946 to 1956.   The US government exploded these bombs under water, in the air, and on the reef itself.  Today, the radiation level in the Marshall Islands area is 639 mrem yr1.  The amount considered safe for habitation is 4 mrem yr1.  The government set up a $125 million-dollar fund for islanders displaced by the high radiation levels even though they were initially told it would be safe for them to return to their homes.

3.5 Billion (half the world) people rely on food from the ocean to sustain them.  Radio active wind and rain is carrying radiation to food sources in the US.

 Currently, California has experienced a 500% increase in radiation on their beaches. Since Fukushima, the EPA has been testing water and milk throughout the US.  Twenty-three water suppliers throughout the US were tested.  Every water source contained dangerous levels of Iodine 131. The EPA is only testing for Iodine 131, which has a half-life of 8.02 days.  The short half-life makes Iodine 131 highly radioactive and the most feared fission by-product.  It is also the principle risk for short term contamination.  The EPA should also be testing for these additional fission by-products which are long-term and equally deadly.


  • Uranium 238 and 235
  • Plutonium 239
  • Radium
  • Caron 14
  • Potassium 40
  • Trinium
  • Caesium 137
  • Stronium 90
  • Technetiam 99



Scientists estimate it will take $300 BILLION and 4 decades to clean up what is being called the worst ecological disaster in history.

 Ocean currents will carry unprecedented levels of radiation to the Atlantic in a few short years.  The east coast and Europe will experience the same ecological effects on fish and other sea life.  Equal to ocean currents are the jet streams.  And jet streams carry irradiated dust from Frenchman’s Flat in Nevada across the United States.  I hope these pictures and videos will alert you to the danger the world faces right now . . . not in a distant future.