The Landmass Known as Nevada


In the western United States, Nevada is an undiscovered wilderness treasure.  One of my boys recently journeyed along a dirt road meandering up the central core of Nevada.  I’ve included a photo he took as he traveled to meet his son at an out of the way hot spring.  The mid-section of the state is filled with  geothermal springs, with many springs close to seldom traveled dirt roads.  Two links below contain maps showing the location of the many hot springs in Nevada.  There are currently 13 geothermal energy plants throughout the state.


Nevada’s Pristine Landscapes


Nevada is best known for casinos.  Little is known about its vast landscapes which stretch across the horizon, clear blue sky, soaring mountains, geothermal hot springs, and wildlife.  Nevada is home to a large wild horse herd, around 67,000 strong.  These magnificent animals are descendants of horses brought to America by Spanish conquistadores.  They roam free but are managed by the Federal Bureau of Land Management, whose mission statement is dictated by numbers not by the fighting spirit of the American West.  Please click on the YouTube video link below to see some of Nevada’s most magnificent residents.


Politician’s Crimes Against Nevada


  • The Federal Government owns 84.9% of Nevada’s land, more than any other state. The stewardship of our pristine wilderness has been violated and contaminated by our government.  Nevada produces 15% of all America’s minerals; Nevada is the #1 producer of gold in the US and 4th in the world.  Politicians continue to grant mining permits yet less than 1/3 of all mines listed in the US Mine directory have no declared ownership.  Who really owns mines which continue to shred Nevada’s landscape with enormous open pits and effluent tailing piles as tall as a mountain? The chemical composition of tailing piles is the largest environmental liability of the mining industry.  Dangerous chemicals are used to extract minerals and precious metal ores from rock and dirt.  Left behind in great piles chemical laden dust is picked up by fierce winds, distributed and deposited across America by the jet streams.  The US mines website, link below, will show you every mine in Nevada.  The first column is ownership, which is mysteriously blank in most cases.  See for yourself and draw your own conclusions.


  • The Feds detonated over 1,000 atomic bombs at Area 51 in Nevada, making Frenchman’s Flat the most radio active site in the US. World-wide it is second only to Chernobyl.
  • Yucca Mountain, at Area 51 is the proposed site for a nuclear waste storage dump for the entire country.
  • Indian Springs, 45.3 miles from Las Vegas, flies Predator and Raptor drones in 1,100 daily patrols over the Middle East
  • There are 225 tactical nuclear bombs in storage at Nellis AFB, 10 miles from downtown Las Vegas.

While Glitter is a murder mystery, it addresses these situations which are currently taking place in Nevada today.  Glitter is available on