Gold and Silver mined in Nevada worth millions. Is it going to the Federal Reserve Bank?

In last month’s blog I listed 8 potentially dangerous, secret government locations in Nevada.  Further research revealed more information worth sharing.

  • Revisited: Question 5: 

In 2016, 944,000 ounces of gold were mined in Nevada, making our state the top gold producer in the United States and the 4th highest gold producer in the world.  Over 170.1 metric tons of gold and 276.4 metric tons of silver were mined out of Nevada.

  • The combined total of gold and silver for 2016 was $4,712,601.771 (billion). My question is—where did all this money go?  It doesn’t appear the State of Nevada got much, if any.  Where did the Feds spend almost $5 billion dollars?

It may not be commonly known the Federal Reserve Bank is not a government institution; it is owned by a few wealthy families.  After doing additional research on the Fort Knox depository—it could be the gold mined in Nevada goes directly into the largest gold depository in the world, in the Federal Reserve Bank vault in New York.  This would mean just a few bankers got $5 million richer in 2016, and the average American got a tax break you can spend on lunch at McDonalds.



  • The price of gold on 2/2/18 was $1,330 per Troy ounce. There are 32,150 ounces in a metric ton.  One metric ton is worth $42,855,972 (million).  1 metric tons of gold would be worth $4,589,874,700 (billion).