How did Christianity get it so wrong?

At a dig in the mountains above the Dead Sea, an archaeologist uncovers a sliver coin and a scroll foretelling the destiny of a “woman called Amariah, come from out of the past.” The ancient leather reveals five coins will identify a woman, who will change the course of history. The coin and scrap of leather are rushed to the Vatican.

The Pope lies dying and the new Father General of the Jesuit Order, Andrew Simson, has usurped his power and authority. Like many early popes, Simson plans to unite the world beneath the banner of Catholicism. A group of fanatic Jesuits act as advisors to political contenders eager to destroy existing forms of government. Global intrigue escalates as the cadre of Jesuits pit the IRA against the British in Ireland; whisks a black political activist from the South African jail in which he has been imprisoned for twenty years; plot economic warfare as they route goods to product-hungry Chinese; ship tons of grain to Russia in exchange for the opening of Catholic churches; and create a homeland for Palestinian refugees in Israel.

Recently discovered documents in the Secret Archive reveals information that several medieval popes hid works of art in the grave sites of early Christians honeycombing the hill beneath the Vatican as a means of hiding their wealth. In a bid to influence public opinion, Simson decides to build a new museum to house the treasures he is certain the catacombs contain.

Simson gathers historians, researchers and linguistics experts from around the world to authenticate art works and translate the documents hidden away for centuries. A Benedictine nun, fluent in the languages spoken in the New Testament era, is summoned to Rome to participate in the historic endeavor.

The fabric of destiny begins to unravel as the nun translates Aramaic and Hebrew scrolls that reveal the Church’s political ambitions. To her anguish, she finds the bishops, who united Christianity under the Roman Emperor, Constantine, rewrote the early texts of the Bible to convert the heathen masses and control their followers. The nun wrestles with the importance of her discovery. She possesses information that could destroy Andrew Simson’s vision of the future.

Tension mounts as the Jesuits’ topple governments on every continent. A master of manipulation, Simson uses the press to further his political aspirations. He is hailed as the new Messiah, come to save mankind from its travail.

To silence his opponents, Simson eliminates anyone who poses a threat to his dreams of glory. A brush with death convinces the nun named Amariah that she must flee Rome with her history altering documents. To escape the Father General, Sister Amariah boards the Trans-Siberian Express–headed for China. The journey is also the route by which the one of the prophesied coins is delivered into her hands. Finally convinced of her destiny, Amariah sheds the trappings of the Benedictine Order and vows to confront Andrew Simson with the proof that will shatter the foundation of Christian mythology.

In a desperate bid to annihilate all evidence of his geo-political strategy, Simson sets fire to the new museum. The museum houses the gigantic computer system secretly built to control the information flowing on the Internet, which Simson has named Messiah. Centuries old buildings in which history was written are destroyed as the Father General’s madness consumes the Vatican’s treasure filled museums, the library and its Secret Archive. Amariah battles her way to the Sistine Chapel in pursuit of Andrew Simson–who possesses the fifth coin.

In a final confrontation in the Sistine Chapel, Amariah watches in horror as an eruption from a as main destroys Michelangelo’s ceiling–crushing Andrew Simson beneath the hand of God. She flees to the plaza in front of St. Peter’s, where an explosion destroys the most famous symbol of Christianity

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