About The Magic Wand

A professor from whom I was taking a screen writing class became interested in my writing. He had a friend, who owned a small publishing house. This publisher’s number one best seller was a fable entitled “A Knight In Rusty Armor”. He asked me to try my hand at writing a fable, which he planned to present to his friend. Unfortunately, his friend passed away before I finished the story.

I purchased a copy of “A Knight In Rusty Armor”, re-read Aesop’s fables and The Other Wiseman. Once I got my head wrapped around the format, I fell back on conventional wisdom of writing about what you know. So, I settled on a Las Vegas casino as the backdrop for the story.

Once the setting was established, I focused on character development. I wanted to combine principles from the human potential movement, which concentrates on teaching people to think a different way with the result of living a better life.

A casino is a petri dish, which either brings out the best or worst in people. I concentrated on characters with specific personality traits. My hope is for readers to relate to these people because they either recognize these qualities in themselves or know people who suffer the same conditions as the characters in the story.

To me, a fable provided the perfect genre to introduce a fairy godmother with a magic wand. Her struggle to change the mindset and condition of casino employees was met with frustration, rejection and outright hostility. With a positive attitude and unfailing good humor, the fairy godmother never gives up hope as she nudges and cajoles her fellow employees to change their perspective, which will, in turn, change their lives.

The Magic Wand is a simple little story with a simple moral, which is the basis of all fables. It is strictly a work of fiction, but the problems faced by these casino employees are endured by millions in all walks of life.

I invite you to read this casino fairy tale and examine your own life for patterns of negativity holding you back from living a rich, full life.

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