The route between gathering a background in psychology and religion to the advertising department in one of the largest Strip hotels in Las Vegas was long and circuitous. In the early days, there wasn’t much demand for a girl with a background in psychology so I entered the work force in the casino industry. Soon, I was dealing with mob bosses, union leaders, big name entertainers, and black-check players from all over the world. Along the way, I worked for some of Las Vegas’ most colorful characters—both charmers and scoundrels; and most of the major power players in the business.

Casinos provided an optimum opportunity to study people. Las Vegas is a petri dish, spawning people, who turn out to be either slime or penicillin. The trick to getting along with amoral characters is to handle slime with caution and never let it get on or under your skin. The lure of getting rich at the turn of a card, roll of the dice, spin of the wheel is irresistible. The mob knew it and corporate American embraced it.

The Fifth Coin, Glitter and The Magic Wand were copyrighted in 1988. I went down the traditional road of agents, editors and publishing houses– and got close to being published, but never grabbed the brass ring. By then my casino career was all consuming and I put writing aside.

As I look back now, I wonder if I just had to wait until Jeff Bezos and Facebook Fan pages became the powerhouses they are today so I could communicate directly with readers, without the “help” of marketing committees.

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