About The Fifth Coin

There are 1.4 billion Christians, nearly half of which reside in the English-speaking world. Almost a billion and a half people believe in the Bible. Well over a billion minds accept as literal truth 2,000 years of historical inaccuracies, political manipulation and blatant misrepresentation as the structure of their religious belief. Yet, what if, more than a billion people suddenly realized what they’d been taught to believe was wrong?

Who among us has not wondered why we are here? Is there is a purpose to life or are we the result of some inconsequential accident? Does life really count for something?

The Fifth Coin was originally completed in 1988. Several publishers turned the historical fiction manuscript away because it was considered too controversial for the time. Tremendous unrest has continued to grow in the Christian world as ancient texts came to light to challenge traditional belief.

Ask yourselves these questions and if your answer raises even more questions, The Fifth Coin contains thought provoking ideas based on historical records.

  • What if … one morning you woke up and realized everything you’d been taught to believe was wrong?

  • What if … those in authority deliberately manipulated history to mislead mankind?

  • What if … you stumbled across a document, which unlocked the mystery of existence and revealed a secret that had been hidden for centuries?

  • What if …you had an opportunity to travel back in time to find out what really happened?

The premise for The Fifth Coin is more valid today than when it was originally completed in 1988. The first draft was considered too long for the public, according to one publisher. The second version was cut down to a length deemed more manageable for a print cost vs. risk analysis by another publisher. The third version was cut down to around 500 pages at the request of a well-known literary agent.

Advancement in digital technology and the ability to receive novels formatted for smart phones, and a whole host of personal communication devices, now make it possible to bring this story directly to readers. Authors can communicate one-on-one with readers, allowing their vision of a story to reach the reader without the filter of editorial committees. EBooks provide ultimate freedom to share ideas and thoughts around the world.

You are invited you suspend belief.

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