About The Magic Wand

The Magic Wand is a fable.  It is set in Las Vegas and centers around the lives of human beings working in casinos, which are cesspools of misery.  A fairy is sent to earth to assist people over come the challenges of their bleak existence.  She soon learns most are trapped within the walls of  a reality they created for themselves with no knowledge of how to change.  However, the fairy possesses a Magic Wand with which she hopes to transform their lives.  The challenge proves daunting as she struggles with cocktail waitresses, casino pit bosses, food and beverage workers, human resource managers and a woman in the accounting department.  All seems bleak and time after time, the fairy fails at her task.

It is a voyage of discovery for men and women trapped in an environment with rules as brutal as the kill or be killed conditions of an African savanna.  Using techniques of attitude change and the uplifting consequences, the fairy learns her craft and impacts the lives of some unhappy people trapped in a web from which there is seemingly no escape.