Is there an underwater submarine channel at Fallon Nevada?

In last month’s blog I listed 8 potentially dangerous, secret government locations in Nevada.  Further research revealed more information worth sharing.

  • Revisited – Question #1

There are growing rumors about a subterranean channel running 212 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the Naval Station in Hawthorne Nevada.  Submarine pens are accessed by a 43-floor elevator from the desert floor.

Here are a several video links from YouTube which provide additional information about a possible underground channel from Point Dume (at Malibu) California to the Naval base in Fallon, Nevada.  Images were captured by a Google satellite mapping the ocean floor.  New Google photographic technology reveals this underwater world for the first time.  The Huffington Post was one of the first to reveal the images and this link should leave you wondering.   John Lear’s interview about channel being a submarine waterway to Nevada another shocking theory.  Nevada is filled with secrets our government doesn’t want explained.  Nothing is what it seems…. – Underwater entrance on California coast.  – John Lear interview about underwater channel – Free Google Download to access underwater mapping