1. There are growing rumors about a subterranean aqua channel running 212 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the Naval Station in Hawthorne Nevada. Submarines pens are accessed by a 43-floor elevator from the desert floor.  The Army depot across the road from Walker Lake has 2,427 bunkers spread out over 226 square miles.  This depot contains thousands of bombs which are still armed and ready to strike.  America is armed to the teeth and the military armament stored in Nevada makes our state a prime target should things go terribly wrong in the world.



  1. At least 225 tactical nuclear bombs are in storage at Nellis Air Force Base, 10 miles from downtown Las Vegas. Former Senator Harry Reid confirmed what other government and Pentagon officials declined to comment on for decades. The nuclear bombs await delivery by Air Force planes sitting in the secured Area II at Nellis.


  1. Fenchman’s Flat at the Nevada Test Site is the most radio-active site in the US, and second only to Chernoble.
  2. Yucca Mountain is another area at the Test Site which hides many secrets. Supposedly, the facility was stopped as the nation’s dumping ground for spent uranium and other radio-active elements.  Yet there seems to be a lot of construction going on for a facility that not supposed to be active.  Google has hundreds of satellite photos of a giant construction project in progress.



  1. In 2016, 944,000 ounces of gold were mined in Nevada, making our state the top gold producer in the United States and the 4th highest gold producer in the world. Over 170.1 metric tons of gold and 276.4 metric tons of silver were mined out of Nevada.  Our state is literally the Federal Government’s hedge fund due to Nevada’s vast mineral wealth.


  • The price of gold on 2/2/18 was $1,330 per Troy ounce. There are 32,150 ounces in a metric ton.  One metric ton is worth $42,855,972 (million).  1 metric tons of gold would be worth $4,589,874,700 (billion).
  • The price of silver on 2/2/18 was $16.77 per Troy ounce. There are 32,150 ounces in a metric ton.  One metric ton is worth $443,658.  4 metric tons of silver would be worth $122,627,071 (million).
  • The combined total of gold and silver for 2016 was $4,712,601.771 (billion). My question is—where did all this money go?  It doesn’t appear the State of Nevada got much, if any.  Where did the Feds spend almost $5 billion dollars?  In my opinion it went to future the aims of the military industrial companies hiding their projects behind the shroud of secrecy which surround the Nevada Test Site.


  1. Nevada has the only working lithium mine in north America. With our current technology, lithium is the key component in all batteries ranging from cell phones to electric cars.  Perhaps Elon Musk should purchase the mine for his own purposes—at least we’d know our Lithium was being used for some of his futuristic causes that don’t include human destruction.



  1. Nevada provides 15% of all America’s minerals. There are 50 uranium mines in Nevada, 50 gold mines, and 51 silver mines.  For a complete list of all types of mines, along with their location in Nevada, click on this link:  https://US-mining.com.


  1. Indian Springs, Nevada is just 45.3 miles from Las Vegas—less than an hour’s drive. Just beyond Indian Springs is Creech Air Force Base. From air-conditioned trailers, 100 Predator and Reaper drones fly approximately 1,100 daily patrols over the Middle East.  These drones are armed and ready to strike targets no matter how remote the location or difficult the terrain.


A lot of links are cited below to substantiate the information.  If you don’t have the time to read—try some of the YouTube links with pictures and video to support the incredible points in this blog.  Nothing is what it seems…….